Friday, September 24, 2010

Beach day!

Of course we had to take Finn to our favorite beach (Huntington Beach, Bay Village, Oh). He loved it! We took a nap in the shade while daddy swam. What a lovely day!


Total cuteness

Anyone out there able to tell me how to get the face in focus when everything else isn't? I can't figure it out on my camera. Sometimes it does it. Sometimes it doesn't. Here's some shots of Finn and his Peace blankie.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy one month birthday, my son!

Finn is one month old! I can hardly believe how fast that went by! I am amazed by my little buddy, over and over and over, all day long, every day. I could stare at him for eternity and never get bored. Here's some pics from his birthday morning in the sun.

Finn and Kaia's lion
Looking sweet and cuddly
Trying to look out the window to see what's going on in the world. 
The beginning of a smile. :)
Almost a full on laugh. He's getting there! 
In one month, we've learned a lot about parenting! It was so rough at first. I stayed up with him all night, every night. He never slept. He wouldn't sleep day or night and fussed a lot. I later found out he's lactose intolerant. So, I cut dairy out of my diet, and he's been sleeping and is a lot happier now! I'm still waiting for the 4+ hours of straight sleep, but at least we're getting more than 20 minutes. ;)

Finn has been excellent at holding his head up since day 1. It's one of his favorite things to do. He loves to practice. He loves to be carried forward so he can see the world going on around him. Walking to the park and looking at the water is one of his favorite pastimes. He also loves going to the Root Café, so mama can get a decaf soy latté as a special treat.

Because of his lactose intolerance, we had a bad bout of baby acne and eczema. But as soon as I cut the dairy out, it started to clear up. And now he's almost completely acne free.

Finn is discovering that he likes to pull mommy's hair. He gets good chunks of it and pulls and smiles. I think I now know why mommies often cut off their hair. His hands and arms still scare him sometimes. I don't think he knows they are attached to him and he's the one controlling them. But he also has fun with them and can't stand to be swaddled completely. Most of the time, I'll leave his arms out when I wrap him. He loves to sleep with them above his head…one on each side. He's a free bird, just like his mama.

I've noticed a little personality coming out. I had hoped he'd be laid back like daddy, but he's a social butterfly like mom. He loves new people, hanging out, being held, walking around, finding new things. If he were more like daddy, maybe mommy would get more sleep. ;) But I love him so much and can't wait to see how his personality changes and grows.

Daddy and Finny, sittin in a tree.....

He's already gained at least 3" and 1.5 lbs. He's getting so big so fast! It's a swift reminder of how fast life goes. I don't take one second of it for granted. I want to have a video camera on him 24/7 so I don't miss a beat. But I won't do that to him.

He's already met most of his aunts and uncles and cousins (with exception of the Pennsylvania crew…which is coming soon!) and we have a wonderful picture of 4 generations of my family. Here it is. My Dad, myself, my Grandmother (Finn's Great Grandmother) and baby Finnegan…..soon we will get another one with Great Grandpap in there too.

Four generations. Me, my Grandmother, my Dad & Finnegan.

Last but not least, Finnegan is definitely smiling already. He gave me some good ones this morning as I took him out of his bassinet. He likes to flail his arms around and laugh a little. It's only for a quick second, but it's definitely there!

Cheers to your one month, baby boy! We love you and will be back with another full report (hopefully one that includes 4+ hours of straight sleep) soon!

Lots of love to everyone!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Another giveaway. I LOVE this one!

Just in time for Finn's 3rd week birthday. :) I'm a huge fan of They feature some amazing artisans that I would never have found otherwise. They're all people like you and me, trying to sell their wares on etsy. One day, I grabbed my courage and asked her if she would consider featuring me. She agreed! And today, there's an interview and a giveaway right here (click here).
The winner will be chosen on September 19th, so be sure to leave your comment before then to be eligible to win.

I'm really proud of this one, if you couldn't tell. Be sure to check it out and follow her page. There are giveaways all the time, and the art is always amazing!

Finn updates to come soon as I can figure out how to get video onto the computer. ;)