Thursday, March 24, 2011

A place of peace

The Troubadours of Divine Bliss is a musical group consisting of two amazing women who travel the world and spread mighty kindness and messages of love and inspiration through their music. They began to touch my life almost a decade ago. In trying times, I lean on their music to remind me of what is important, who I want to be, and the peace and kindness I want my life revolving around. Last night, my bestie and I went to see them, and they sang this song. It's about letting go in order to find a place of peace...something I've struggled with my whole life and believe I was sent back to this life to overcome. I tend to dwell and dwell and let things eat at me until I'm just a shell of who I am meant to be. In order to successfully complete my journey, I've had to make some adjustments to my life and the people in my life. I believed that by taking what was toxic to me out, I could achieve this goal of inner peace. But doing only that wasn't/isn't enough. Certain thoughts & questions still plague me. If there were a magic pill to make the questions stop coming in, I'd take it. But there is no magic pill. And so I continue on this journey of longing to forget the questions, to forgo the ego, to revisit a place of peace and serenity, to accept that some people are just selfish and inconsiderate. Some will do whatever it takes to feel good about themselves. Some want you to feel miserable because they feel miserable. And some people just don't think. Simple as that ... and that has nothing to do with who I am as a person. Just because I can't understand someone's actions, doesn't mean I have to repeat them. "There are no friends or enemies. There are only teachers." I, just like you, am learning through this life. And I hope to one day come into my place of zen and inner bliss. I long for a day when I can peacefully have all the people in my life that I want in my life. Last night, I was hit with this song, and I wanted to share....for all the others out there, searching for that place of peace within. Blissings,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finn is 7 months!

Oh my oh my oh my! He's over the halfway mark! What a big dude!

He is just too damn cute. I can't stand it. He's at this adorable stage of laying his head on you when he's sleepy. He likes to nuzzle. Sitting is such a strong suit now. I no longer need to build a wall of pillows in case of a tumble. The forward lunge is happening, and I keep waiting for that crawl to come! Where is it? Finn now spends most of his life on his belly. He will not sleep on his back anymore. You put him down and it's immediate. It scared us at first, but I had to learn to trust him. He knows if he can't breathe well and can move around to a comfy and safe position. He sure is handsy. Anything in the vicinity of him will be grabbed, pulled, ripped, broken, thrown, tossed, chewed, etc. Nothing is safe! Hide your belongings! Smiles are abundant and constant. He's a very happy boy. His favorite game is hide and seek. He will lay there and find something to cover his face. Then he moves his hands to the side and waves them all around like "help me! I don't know what to do!", and then he'll grab whatever's over his face and rip it off and laugh and laugh. He laughs so hard sometimes I think he's going to pass out....especially if you make donald duck noises right after he pulls the blankie off his face. That throws him over the edge. I need to video this. Here are some cutie patootie pics to honor his 7th month of life!

Finn loves the camera!

Can fake smile with the best of them!

Easily distracted!

I can purse my lips at you.

Love to smile!


Kitty's about to get got!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So many updates!

I finally opened my Artfire account. You can see all the artwork I currently have available for instant purchase. You can also contact me for special order requests. Here's a link to my shop littleliondesigns - ArtFire Artisan Studio. Of course, you can always still shop at my etsy site. However, my etsy site has all of my options on there, not just the items I currently have in stock. littleliondesigns - Etsy Studio

I would like to shamelessly ask if you all would be so kind as to vote for my business in this year's Start Up Nation's New Business contest. It's so hard being a full time mom, doing all my marketing, fund raising and artwork. I spend most of my time doing the first 3, that I barely get to do any artwork. Times are a little tough right now. And this mom needs your help. You can vote for me once a day (no registration required....literally just click and done!)by clicking here.

Lastly, MARK YOUR CALENDARS! LLD will be at this year's Hessler Street Fair, May 21-22! I cannot wait to do this event. I've been wanting to since I started LLD, and I cannot wait. Have I said I cannot wait? For Hessler details, click anywhere on this sentence to be taken to their website.

Okay, I lied! This is the last announcement. I'm also doing the Avant Garde Arts & Crafts show to benefit the Cleveland APL. That show is June 11 in Middleburg Heights. Click here to go to their facebook event page.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kaia's Krew ...

On September 17th, there is a CHD walk right here in NE Ohio! I've put a Krew together to walk this event. So far, there really isn't much of a Krew though. That's where you come in! We need to raise (my goal) $2,000! Won't you please consider a small donation? Kaia's short life was so big in so many ways. If she touched your life at all or changed you in any way, can you consider giving back with just a few spare dollars? All proceeds will go to end this (what I consider) epidemic? If you'd like to walk with my family, feel free to join us! You can donate and/or join our walk here: Congenital Heart Walk: Kaia's Krew page

Let's do this together!

Why are you drinking this still?

Stop it already. Save yourself. Save your planet. Save your children and grandchildren. Just stop it already!