Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Latest work

Perfect circle

A picture of Kaia and her urn sit on our mantle. We had it blown to look like the earth, since that's what her name meant. We had a pinch of sand from the spot we got married, thrown into it. Thanks to Michael from the Glass Bubble in Ohio City for blowing a few for us to choose from!

The swirls go on and on, there is no ending point....just like a life.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Florida pics are on facebook

If you're not friends with me, you can add me. I'd upload them to picasa or something, but I just don't have time right now. :( I wish I did! Here's a few. We love the keys and want to move to Bahia Honda State Park and live in a tent!!!! These are two of our campsites that were on the beach. There was a beautiful white pristine beach right in front of/next to our campsite. There were fossils in the rocks in the rocky part of our beach. We saw lots of sea life and enjoyed many sunsets. We got to see lots of Osprey and even a bald eagle in its nest! We went down to key west on our last day. We liked the town there, but the beaches were not nearly what we were looking for. There was NO color correcting of these photos. The colors are real and wonderful!

Gram and I in her golf cart! I love driving it. We spent the first 3 or so days with Gram and Pap and got to spend some quality time with them, which we rarely get to do. Thank you Gram & Pap!

Monday, March 22, 2010

never talk about politics during blogging

I know I know. I'm not here to make enemies, but just to make you think.
I never thought I would be one of the people struggling to find health care to cover me and my growing child. I don't think this new bill is the answer. But something has to be done. What happens when private insurance won't cover maternity or your baby? What happens when private insurance disqualifies you for any financial assistance? What happens when you make just enough to not qualify for medicaid and your COBRA rights are $800/month and running out? What happens if you have a heart baby or a child with cancer and don't have any insurance at all? Kaia's bills were almost $2,000,000....enough to bury a family for generations.

The last minute or so of this video (click to watch)shows another family's struggles with this as well. The first 9 minutes show the family and their son, Jack. Jack has had heart and lung issues his whole life and has needed multiple surgeries and procedures. They are struggling with their lack of health care and financial support.

I'm sorry my company decided they didn't need designers anymore. I'm sorry Cleveland has no jobs. None of this was in my control, but we are paying for it. Why are middle class and lower class left with no help when we're the ones that need financial help the most? Where are we supposed to go from here? Will my baby have health coverage? Will I? Will my husband? I've paid thousands into my healthcare coverage over the years. And now what? Why are the people who can't afford rent and food the ones who aren't allowed to have health care? Is this some sick survival of the fittest? Something needs to be done. I hope this country can figure it out for ALL of us.

A huge heartfelt thank you

When I was working at my last company, I didn't feel fulfilled. I was happy with my job, but something was missing. It bothered me daily that what I was doing was not helping people in any way. I was doing nothing for others. I was merely using my creativity to help a team pull in ad dollars.

After three and a half months off for Kaia's birth, illness and bereavement, I went back to work for only one week. During that week, I fought with my husband over the stupidest things. We hadn't fought in probably 6 months, but we fought that whole week. I realized that then/now, more than ever, I needed to do something to help people in some way shape or form. I had no idea how to do that artistically. All I know how to do is art. I've never been good at anything else. In realizing my job was the root of the tension, I looked up to God and said "I need to find something else to do with my life. Please help me." Then I asked Kaia to help lead mommy, as well. The very next day, I was laid-off. I took it as a sign.

After spending a couple of days sulking, I got a call from my sister-in-law about a lady who was interested in selling my fabric art. At this point, I'd only done one piece for Kaia's nursery. That's all I had to show this woman in our meeting, and it was enough for her to say "let's go for it".

I spent the next month creating and wondering "will this work". I still needed to know that this new career venture would be helping others in some way. With each piece I sold, I got to tell Kaia's story. Each piece was spreading awareness of CHD. People kept saying "I've never heard of that" or "I've never been aware of that". Word spread through facebook and CHD communities, and soon I was being blessed with being able to create these pieces for kids with CHDs, for fund-raisers for CHD and for new families just finding out about CHDs. I've received letters and emails of how Kaia's story is still helping families. How all of this is inspiring parents and loved ones. This is the greatest blessing anyone can give us.

I think a parent's greatest fear is that their child will be forgotten after they pass. And you all show me on a daily basis that her life is still working wonders. She's still inspiring people, and she's still here glowing like a bright light.

As long as this can continue, I will be a part of it. This business is what I'd been missing in my career. I never thought I could help people through my own story....through Kaia's story....through my art. But it's clearly evident that I can. I feel this is one of the most important things I've ever had the chance to do, and I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for giving us this chance. Each person made aware of CHD is another step toward finding a cure or a prevention. Each dollar donated can be a life saved. Every little bit helps. I firmly believe that maybe one person can't make a huge difference alone, but a few people working together can change the world. It is you who is changing this world.

Thank you for remembering her, for supporting us and for helping future CHD families. Each piece of Little Lion Designs artwork will be shipped with a CHD fact sheet and what you can do to further help, if you choose.

Many blessings to all of you. 10 will come back. Thank you again!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quotables and noteables

Two fer Sunday:

"Dont be jealous of people who are more prosperous than you. Until we are truly happy for others when they are blessed, we will always be in need. Instead pay attention to how you respond in your heart and with your attitude when you hear about someone's blessings,you might locate the reason for lack in your own life." -- Joyce Meyer

"See you and me have a better time than most can dream of, better than the best, so we can pull on through, whatever tears at us, whatever holds us down, and if nothing can be done, we'll make the best of what's around." -DMB

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's all happening!

It's official! Bela Dubby (in Lakewood, OH) will be filled with Little Lion Designs' artwork the entire month of June. Please stop in and see it! Every piece will be for sale.

We are having an opening on the evening of June 12, 2010. The event starts at 5pm and will go until around 8 or so. There will be food and drink for all. I will always have flyers with CHD facts and what you can do to help, if interested.

Come on down and celebrate the end of spring, the beginning of summer and the art inspired by one life taken too soon. Spread the word, spread awareness and spread the joy in supporting local art and businesses!

Please contact me with any questions at the email or phone number on the flyer. If you are on facebook, please see the event page here.

Thanks all! Hope to see you there!
heart hugs!