Saturday, November 21, 2009

Penelope update. Good news!

Penelope had her heart surgery on Tuesday afternoon. Laura said it went pretty well. She is in recovery right now. They closed up her chest cavity on Thursday. They left it open for a couple of days because her capillaries were "oozing afer the surgery". She will be in recovery for some time. They don't know when she'll be out, and most of us heart parents can relate to that. They never give you a definite! But with lots of positive energy and prayers, she'll get out sooner. So, keep em up! And thanks to you all for being lovely followers of the blog. You're helping others with your thoughts.

While I'm posting news, I wrote about baby Hope a few weeks back and asked for prayers for her. Well, little Miss Hope showed us what she's made of and look at her now! She's home and doing fabulously!

Okay, I'm off to watch OSU school Michigan....and then off to Planet Green.
Happy Saturday!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Prayers for Penelope

Hey all! I got some bad news the other day about another baby born with a heart defect. Little Miss Penelope Jane Ross was born with her aorta and pulmonary valves in the wrong place. She is stable right now but is supposed to have surgery this week (I'm not sure of the day). She is the niece of my friend, Laura, who is an amazing woman. Her and her family are very scared for little Penelope right now, which is very understandable. Please keep mom, dad, baby and family in your prayers. They need lots of strength right now. I'll update when I have one.
Thank you!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

open house!

Hey all! So, I was asked to be the featured artist at Planet Green for our open house on November 28th. I'll have all my work here to view/purchase. There will be other local artists/craftswomen here, as well...along with food and refreshments and lots of holistic advise from Rebecca Reynolds. Feel free to stop on down! Should be a nice zen-filled treat of a day! Here's the info page.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

new piece

up for sale here.

Heading to planet green to work. Come visit me!
Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

open for business

Hello all! I'm proud to announce the opening of my online etsy shop. Please check it out and pass it along to friends/family! I named the company "Little Lion Designs" after our baby girl (we called her little lion often!). I might be repeating myself here, but I'm using mostly repurposed fabrics from old clothes I've cut up or have been given...or I have found at local thrift shops. All clothes are washed in an eco-friendly baby-safe detergent I get from another etsy seller (crunchy clean). So, the fabrics are freshly cleaned and then turned into art. I am going to be constantly updating inventory. So, new art should appear weekly. And remember, I do custom orders! Any size, any colors, any images....I'm at your demand. Click here to get to the store.

I am also working part-time at Planet Green in Rocky River. I know I'm repeating that too, but I want you all to come visit the shop, if you can. Christmas is coming up and we could use more locally produced, ethically made, sustainable-living products in our lives. I really like it here so far. It feels very Zen. I might not make much money, but my soul is much more peaceful now that I am doing things I believe in.

Not much more going on here. Pretty quiet and restful for us. Looking forward to being snowed in, all cozy-like.

I hope your fall is as pretty as ours. :)