Tuesday, April 26, 2011

8 months is super fun!

Finn turned 8 months on Saturday. We spent the day in Pennsylvania at my Aunt Jodi's house. Finn's two cousins, Lilly and Tyler, were there. It was such a nice day with family, and it went way too fast. Here's some pics!
The newbie, Lilly. This is my cousin Beth's daughter.

Gram, Lilly & I.

Finn's first Easter egg. He tried to eat it.

Finn likes to make kissy faces and drool. He smudged the camera lense with his drooly finglette. Thanks, buddy!

Finn singing baritone.

Life is all about the oooh ooohs and the ahhh ahhhs.

Cousin Chad is Finn's newest buddy.
Those are all the pics we got. I never remember to take pics with both the grandparents. AND, both of Finn's great Grandparents were there, and I forgot to take that pic too! Someone help my memory. I need Ginko Biloba. ;)

So much has happened in the last month. Finn is making all kinds of fun noises. He loves to click his tongue and call the cats over.  He smiles so big every time he looks at me or Eric. He's such a sweet sweet little boy.

He also loves bathtime! The waterfall is his favorite of all!

Crawling is now his expertise. He's super fast. He craweled from the living room to the kitchen (3 rooms away) in a matter of minutes today. Time to child proof! He loves anything electronic that he's not allowed to have....phones, DVR, remotes, ipods, etc etc. He's very attracted to anything black.
One of the cutest things he does right now is high fives. He LOVES to high five and giggle. I've yet to get a video of that, but it's coming. He's still playing "Where's Finny", which is a game he made up while on the changing table. He covers his face with nearby items and thinks you can't see him. When I say "Where's Finny?" he quickly moves the item and laughs...."here I am!!!". This kid stuff is too much fun.

His voice changed a little this week. All of a sudden it's a little deeper and huskier. He sounds like a little man.

Sadly, he had his first fall last week too. Apparently we can no longer put Finn on the bed because he wants to lunge off of it. He's okay, but he got a nice first bruise right smack in the middle of his forehead. From here on out, it's floor only!

Oh, he also learned how to do this. Time to lower the crib again?
Uh oh, you caught me.

Look how big I am!

I can make my lips disappear!

Practicing to join the Backstreet Boys. Nice moves.
That's all for now. It's 77 and sunny in Lakewood, and we are going to the lake. Ta ta!