Thursday, August 27, 2009

kitty kitty needs a home

There used to be a girl that lived below us that had this sweet female indoor/outdoor cat. A few weeks after she moved, the cat came back here and lives outside our house, crying to get back in. She must have not liked her new home and traveled back to her old one here. We called the girl that owned her, but she never answered or got back to us. So, this cat is now homeless. I've been trying to feed her when she comes around, which is about once a day. But she really needs a home that she can come inside. We'd take her in if we didn't already have two male cats. She's gorgeous with long dark hair. She's very good with people and loves loves loves to be rubbed. If anyone knows anyone interested in her, please let me know. I really want her to find a home before winter comes. She's pretty skinny, even though I feed her. But I'm guessing she had no food the whole time we were on vacation. I'm trying to fatten her up to survive winter, but I would like to find a place for her before then. Please help. Thank you!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

buyer beware!

a bad pic of the tear and one of several stains:

I would like to ward everyone off from shopping at Blaine Ashley LLC. I ordered two sizes of the same wedding dress from there on a thursday and paid extra for two day air. The dresses never came. After several emails requesting shipping information and a tracking number, she never sent me anything but did drain my account. To pull her heartsrings, I told her about Kaia and our wedding and that was why i needed the dresses. She said she would ship a third dress overnight. I got it and it was stained and torn. She didn't charge me for that third dress, but she used it as "proof that she sent me two dresses". Now I have no dress and am out $352. I tried to file a dispute with paypal, but they "have proof that she shipped me my order". It's so ridiculous. Anyway, please don't shop there. I have filed with the BBB and with an internet crime organization. I'm not going to dwell on it, but here is an open letter to that small little company. It's got a bit of drama to it.....

Dear store,
I have fallen into your web and have been totally taken advantage of by you. You ripped me off of $352 for no reason other than greed. I figured I would give you a little insight about what I've been through this year to show you how evil you truly are. I was due May 19th with our first child. We thought she was healthy and fine. Day three in the hospital, she started having trouble breathing. They rushed her to rainbow babies in cleveland. She was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart. She had open heart surgery on my birthday, June 9th. That same day, my mother was diagnosed with stage 3 non-hodgekins lymphoma and had to start chemo almost immediately. My daughter and my mother were in the fight for their lives. For 34 days, my husband and I lived at the hospital. We slept on a single couch together the entire time. After 3 arrests, several procedures and several weeks post op, my daughter looked at me, started panting and crying and passed on. There is nothing more painful in all the world as losing a child. To top it off, I'm now still facing losing my mother. The only light in the tunnel was our marriage. After spending so long in a hospital, we needed to get away. My father gave us the money to do so, because we have literally thousands of dollars in medical bills. Kaia came close to totaling 2 million at the hospital. The wedding dress I really wanted was $600, but we couldn't afford it, so, I came to blaine, found this dress and a 30% off coupon and thought I had it made. the dresses never showed up. You acknowledged it to me, knowing that paypal can't use emails as evidence and sent me the "last dress you had" which I'm guessing was yours and you took it from your closet after wearing it several times and sent it to me. You never refunded me the money for the dresses like you said you would. You used that one dress shipment as "proof that you sent me two dresses". When, if i had two dresses, I'd certainly send one back because i would never need two sizes of the same dress. Instead of doing the right thing, you chose to cheat someone. You chose to cheat someone who's had the worst year a human can have. You chose to show me exactly how careless and evil a human can be. You are the epitomy of all that is wrong with this world. I believe in love and caring. I believe in human spirit and helping others. You might think that you have won. But you have not. At the end of the day, you have to live with the guilt of knowing what you did to someone who was so not deserving of your evil. If you have zero heart and an inability to feel guilt, then I do believe in karma's ability to right what is wrong. I believe in the bible and that you get what you give, ten-fold. In the end, you may have gained $352. BUT, I believe your business will lose that times 10 in the future to teach you a lesson. I certainly will never shop there again. The thousands of people I know will never. I will make sure of that. That probably means nothing to you, but I also have reported you to several agencies who are undergoing investigations on you. You could have been fair and done the right thing. But you chose your path. No matter what happens, I rest assured knowing that I am so much of a better person than you. I will never think of you nor be haunted by you. I hope my baby girl haunts you. You took the only light we had in our dark tunnel and crushed it. That is the most hideous thing a human can do. I will make sure the world knows.

Thank you,


Trunk Bay lifeguard station and Eric:

I'm a wife now. yay! We had a beautiful trip the the USVI. I have to say that st. johns is one of the coolest and most amazing places in the world. As 75% national park, it is kept very pristine and clean. The beaches were amazing there, boasting fine white sand and pool-like turquoise waters. Our favorite was honeymoon beach.

After the wedding with the fabulous Anne Marie Porter, Eric surprised me with a private catamaran sail through the islands. The boat picked us up on Cinnamon Bay beach and we sailed through the BVI and several uninhabited islands of the USVI. Our captain brought us to Waterlemon Cay, where we hopped off the boat and snorkeled around the little island. We swam up onto the island and left Kaia a message in the sand.

When we swam back to the boat, he had munchies and wine and beer for us, and we watched the sunset as we sailed back to our wedding beach. Amazing. Thank you, Eric!

I got over 130 bug bites, which made me a horrid hideous pussy mess for the next several days. That's about the only negative of the trip. We visited 8 different beaches but saw dozens more from the boats or driving. Coki beach was our favorite on St Thomas. It had a real Jamaican vibe with little hut bars all along the beach and some seriously good reggae booming. We ordered buckets of red stripe, burned the hell out of our skin and snorkeled. A totally awesome experience.

Each beach was very different from the next. From Coki, where there were dozens of locals, to honeymoon, where we were about the only people there, there really was a beach for every mood. Our resort on St Thomas was really nice. We pricelined it and got it for $100 a night. The rooms start at $265/night. We were really patient when checking in and got a huge ground floor room overlooking the ocean and the pool. It was one of only 8 with a private entrance.

So, that is about it in a nutshell. We haven't posted all the pics, but I will do that soon. There is a lot of work we need to do and finish up before I can get to fun things. We spent the entire day yesterday sorting medical bills and paying some of them. It's all really confusing! Anyway, we are married, and you may now call me "urban-i-fied".

Sunday, August 2, 2009


So, we've pretty much kept it a secret so far, but Eric and I have decided to tie the knot! We are heading down to the US virgin islands at 4am Monday morning. We'll be staying on St Thomas most of the time, but have a nice beachside cottage on St John's for our wedding night and the following night.

Eric found our minister, who was featured on the travel channel and does these beach weddings for a living. Her name is Anne Marie Porter. We're getting married on Cinnamon Bay on St Johns.
the rest of the time we will be here on st thomas:

It's insane to think that our daughter gave this opportunity to us. Both Eric and I have been off of work since she was born and have not been able to heal enough yet to go back. So, we thought we should take a nice trip while we had the time off. My Dad and stepmom made sure that we went through with our plans and gave us the best gift of all and took care of the trip for us. We couldn't have done this without them and the additional help from Eric's Grandfather and Mother. Thank you all for helping us with our expenses so that we can call each other "husband and wife". And thank you to everyone who contributed to Kaia's medical expenses. Thank you's are still being written and will be out to all of you soon. :)

Anyway, this might not be the most conventional way to tell everyone of our union. BUT, we are not conventional people. We were a very close couple before Kaia was born. And she brought us even closer. I believe that being able to share the same last name as her and the man who gave her to me will help in our healing process. We love you and thank you, baby girl. Look at all you've done. I am so proud of you.

We will share pics and video (thanks to Dad n Jack again) with everyone when we return. In the meantime, we'll work on child #2. (tmi, i know...)

kisses and hugs to you all!
Steph & Eric