Friday, February 25, 2011

Master Finnegan is 6 months old!

Holy moly, time flies. It's been half of a year since my little darling was born. I can hardly believe just how far he's come in such a short time. He went from being my little bean to a big boy....from only being able to cry, to mostly laughing and learning. Look at him so small, the day after he was born. This is my grandmother holding my little man (my dad is filming).

I used to be able to hold him with only one arm. I noticed the other day that I now need two. Here's to the one armed days....some of his first faces.

Today, I sat him down on a blanket on the floor on one side of the room. I sat myself on the couch to pump and was checking emails from my phone. When I looked up to check on Finn, he was gone! Upon further searching, I saw him on the other side of the room on his belly....arms holding him up in baby updog position. I'm super curious how he got all the way over there without making a sound. He was literally 3 feet in front of me. I saw nothing and heard nothing. He's now rolling a lot. Maybe that was it. I haven't seen him crawl yet, but he scoots a little. He's figured out his Johnny Jumper and LOVES to jump. Check him out:

He has a growing interest and joy in our two kitties. Every time they come by, he giggles and smiles wide. Finn loves to pet them. He's actually learning to not grab them but to pet nice. It's amazing how quickly they pick things up when you teach them. He says "mama", and I know he knows what it means. He doesn't say it with me. But when he's with Eric (and let's face it. Babies love their mommies because I have the boobs and boobs = comfort) and he's crabby or hungry or tired, he says "maaaaamaaaaa" over and over. Speaking of saying things, he LOVES to talk. He has a good amount of babble that comes out of him, especially at night before bed. It's like he's getting his last words of the day in before he has to sleep. Here's a video.

What else? Favorite food is for sure avocado! He loves it. I spend about an hour every week or two making baby food for the next week or so. I throw organic veggies in the steam pot and then in the vitamix with some breastmilk, and then into baby food freezer trays and VOILA! Nutritious baby food for pennies compared to the jarred organic stuff. And it really takes very little time. In fact, I usually eat half of what I make him. Acorn squash...half for me, half for Finn! So, I'm enjoying the food part of this all.

Finn has a couple of buddies. Here are some pics taken at his friend Everett's house. Finn loves E's house. They have great toys! ( and a really nice camera. :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Finn is 5 months

Go browns!

even steelers fans can't hate me cuz I'm too cute.

I tooted!

I love to giggle!
try not to love me

drunk off oatmeal

my new high chair came!
My little man is growing so fast, I'm already ready for another baby. ;)
Finn is doing so much these days, it's hard to keep up. He rolls over and around. He has favorite toys and loves to drop things. He believes nothing should be on any surface except the floor. He's sitting. He loves to play. He puts his arms up for you to pick him up. He pets my face often to make sure I'm still there and real. :) He talks ALOT! He's sleeping 12 hours at night and taking 3 naps during the day. He's still nursing like a champ. He's now eating pretty much anything I'll make for him, which isn't much just yet. But his favorite thing is avocado. He smiles and giggles and is such a love muffin. For all of those who haven't met him (I have a few of you in mind and you know who you are), you're missing out on a wonderful little human! We are always here with open doors. I won't say much more about what he's doing because I feel it's not fair to do so so close to his 6 month birthday. I'm a tad late on the 5 month update. Such is life!

Here's a video of him sitting. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Animal portraits galore!

So, I've been knee deep in work for a bit. It seems like it anyway, but I'm sure it's because I'm also full-time mommy-ing it to my 5 month old. ;) Been getting a lot of animal portrait requests, and I wanted to share these adorable pooches & kitties. Some sad stories, some happy, but all cute as can be. Portraits range in size. Sizes can be seen in any of my etsy listings at

Here they are!
Best Friends

Best Friends