Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So many updates!

I finally opened my Artfire account. You can see all the artwork I currently have available for instant purchase. You can also contact me for special order requests. Here's a link to my shop littleliondesigns - ArtFire Artisan Studio. Of course, you can always still shop at my etsy site. However, my etsy site has all of my options on there, not just the items I currently have in stock. littleliondesigns - Etsy Studio

I would like to shamelessly ask if you all would be so kind as to vote for my business in this year's Start Up Nation's New Business contest. It's so hard being a full time mom, doing all my marketing, fund raising and artwork. I spend most of my time doing the first 3, that I barely get to do any artwork. Times are a little tough right now. And this mom needs your help. You can vote for me once a day (no registration required....literally just click and done!)by clicking here.

Lastly, MARK YOUR CALENDARS! LLD will be at this year's Hessler Street Fair, May 21-22! I cannot wait to do this event. I've been wanting to since I started LLD, and I cannot wait. Have I said I cannot wait? For Hessler details, click anywhere on this sentence to be taken to their website.

Okay, I lied! This is the last announcement. I'm also doing the Avant Garde Arts & Crafts show to benefit the Cleveland APL. That show is June 11 in Middleburg Heights. Click here to go to their facebook event page.
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