Monday, September 13, 2010

Another giveaway. I LOVE this one!

Just in time for Finn's 3rd week birthday. :) I'm a huge fan of They feature some amazing artisans that I would never have found otherwise. They're all people like you and me, trying to sell their wares on etsy. One day, I grabbed my courage and asked her if she would consider featuring me. She agreed! And today, there's an interview and a giveaway right here (click here).
The winner will be chosen on September 19th, so be sure to leave your comment before then to be eligible to win.

I'm really proud of this one, if you couldn't tell. Be sure to check it out and follow her page. There are giveaways all the time, and the art is always amazing!

Finn updates to come soon as I can figure out how to get video onto the computer. ;)
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