Saturday, June 20, 2009

slow flow

Hello all. We spent another lovely day here at Rainbow with Kaia. I held her for 3 hours today. She was super fussy (before i held her) and the nurse thought she needed more morphine. She doesn't need it for pain anymore, but she's been showing signs of withdrawal (very common when they've been on it for over a week), including unconsoleable fits of crying/refusing pacifier/hot sweats/etc. But I asked that i hold her instead of them giving her another dose of the junk. And she was perfectly peaceful. I'm convinced that she's weened off the stuff and just needs held more. The nurses don't hold her. Anyway, she's been morphine free all day now and is just fine. We are trying to feed her out of a "bottle", which is actually a syringe with a nipple attached. It flows slower than a bottle so she has to work a little harder, which will get her ready for the breast. This has been a very slow going thing for her to pick up. She hates eating (wonder where she gets that...). She tastes milk and tries to spit it out. She loves her pacifier and i think she's wondering why the big pacifier is squirting in her mouth. Anyway, we can't leave this hospital until she learns to eat, which is looking like it could take a week. Let's switch up the prayers to "Dear God, please let Kaia like mom's milk and drink the heck out of it!". :)
So, cheers to the bottle, everyone!

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  1. Oh, I love that she could substitute you for the "junk" ;) I adore that lil cookie more & more everyday!