Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Can I get some food food?

Kaia gets to eat today, yay! They're going to start her off really slow with 1 milliliter/hour, but at least she gets something! she hasn't eaten since June 1st. Somehow, she weighs 8lbs though. I think it's fluid retention from all the IVs. She came in here at 6lbs and hasn't eaten since. I am very excited for her to finally get my milk! I've been working so hard on pumping every 2.5-3 hours for her, and we now have a stockyard full of milk for her. She should be getting off her breathing tube in the next couple days or so. We are hoping to be out of here by late next week. Hospital living is really getting to us. There is no privacy now. We did have a nice little "sleep room" just for us while she was on ECMO. But, now we have to live in her room with her and all the beeps and all the nurses and doctors and respiratory specialists and stock pilers and cardiologists and and and and. So, pray for getting off of those breathing tubes. the sooner she does that, the sooner we can go home where we belong. It's going to be so great to finally be able to live a somewhat normal life with her at home...like a normal family with a newborn. We were robbed of that experience all these weeks, and it's finally going to be our turn! We are truly just grateful that she is still here with us and thriving. I think we would live in the hospital forever if that is what it took. More news later.


  1. I wish you were not robbed of such a precious time with your little Kaia but you will be home soon and can start your lives together.
    Wishes and Prayers...

  2. You all possess so much strength and are so beautiful. Thinking of you, as many are...with love