Friday, June 19, 2009

breathe easy

Kaia girl came off her respirator this morning! yay!!!! She sounds like a little roaring lion. Her poor little voice box is shot from the tube, and she has lots of phlem. Normal stuff. Coming off the vent means we get to hold her again! She still has tons of wires and stuff, so, we can't pic her up, but we can hold her. You can see that she is more blue than she was pre-op. This is because of the way they had to reshape her heart to get blood to her body. She is only 75-85% oxygenated, which makes her blue because unoxygenated blood is blue, not red. After the second surgery, she will be at 85-90% and after her final surgery, she will be at, in 3.5 years, her color will be back to the more olive tones she had in her earlier baby pics.
She is getting the IV tube pulled out of her belly button, as I type. And she is NOT getting that evil PICC line that they kept messing up. The originally had to give it to her because two of the meds she was on could not go through the same line. But she is off both of them today. So, take THAT you evil PICC lady! Kaia didn't like you and neither did we. (She really was a witch, so i don't feel bad disliking her). She will be out of ICU by the end of the weekend (which means monday). Stay tuned for further details. I think that is all she will have done today. Horray!


  1. Big WOW. I cannot imagine such an experience. You guys are almost through the woods, hang in there...tons of love to you all!

  2. Oh, yea yea YEA!!! So glad respirator's off. Babies need to be held, & now she can get that physical contact love ♥

    Just got in from din (we're all in MI right now), & mom was asking about Kaia. I love that you're letting us into her precious life! & yours.

    sounds like a little roaring lion.
    Love it. Also love the no need for a PICC line.

  3. Many, many thanks for keeping us so well informed about Great-grandbaby Kaia--your blog has been wonderful.
    The three of you have been in our hearts and prayers constantlyWith our love, Grandpa and Joni.