Thursday, June 25, 2009

sleepy gal!

Look at this kid.

She's been like this all day. Sleeping away! Finally. She was awake for like 24 hours straight. Eric was up with her all night until about 6:30 am, when his body got too tired to watch over her anymore. She was up the entire time.

Let me just tell you a little something about miss Kaia. We took our nightly walk outside for about an hour (something i like to do to keep me sane through this) and came back to our little girl watching "madagascar".
Look at this:

I clearly disapprove. But....

Now, she wasn't just watching the movie, she was TOTALLY ENTHRALLED with it. Like.....staring intently and watching every move the animals made. the nurse put it on for her (there goes my "no tv" rule, but rules go out the window when necessary, as moms know) and she LOVED it. I'm sure she's not a tv addict or anything, but she was definitely entertained. How entertained? Well, I actually thought that she might have brain damage because i couldn't get her to look away. All i could think was "is this autism?". But, she just liked it. I put my head in front of the tv so she couldn't see and she immediately started crying. But, we turned the tv so she couldn't see it and got her attention on us again. She was a super happy child last night. It was so good to see! It made me feel great and more positive.

Now for more good news: her lung is open again. I am not getting my hopes up this time, as it's happened before. But, she seems much happier which tells me she's feeling better inside, which tells me that things inside are getting better. And here's more good news, they think she's coming off the breathing tube again tomorrow. I'm very excited for this and very scared at the same time. I mean, i hate her on it. BUT, it does protect her airway and keeps her from aspirating again and potentially having an arrest again. She can't live on it forever though, so we just have to have faith in her to be able to do this and not relapse! Please put the energy and focus on this over the next few days! We feel it over here! I promise you! And I can't wait to introduce everyone to the fruit of all of their prayers and positive energy. she's a beautiful little peach.

There's no more updates for today. But I do want to share the cutest thing ever. Kaia LOVES to suck, but she can't fit a pacifier into her mouth with the breathing tube in. So, we put it at her lips and she licks it like a puppy. It's so adorable. And, lately, I've been scrubbing my finger and letting her suck on it. She LOVES it. She stares at me and stares at me the whole time as she sucks on it. It's as close as I can come to breastfeeding. I have to say that I've heard many moms complain about breastfeeding and the time it takes and all that. But I wish those women knew how lucky they are to have a choice! I produce mass amounts of milk and have nobody to feed it to. Well...she gets it but at 7ml/hour. I will be dumping gallons of it down the drain unless they take my donation (yes, you can donate breastmilk). Anyway, back to the subject. Kaia loves to suck on my finger and the look she gives me melts me and makes me realize that, though our bonding might be unconventional, it is still there. It is what I live for. It's the most important thing in the world to me. And I thank her for allowing those precious moments with me when all else around her is so irritating, stressful and painful. Here's a pic of her sucking my finger (she has a rash from the arrest on sunday night...ignore it. she's less puffy, rashless and she pulled that IV out of her neck cuz she hated it. so, she looks better now, but the pic is still adorable).


  1. What a wonderful blog to come home to tonight!!! Such good news and I love the pictures!!! And by the way, Madagascar is a good movie:) Take care of that finger, and don't let anything happen to it!!! You guys are great and she IS a beautiful little peach!!! Family, friends and God are definietly going to continue to give you strength and prayers!!! Love to you all, XXXOO Aunt Tina & Uncle Al

  2. hey steph - so glad to hear things are looking up, will keep prayers coming for all of you. you know, you dont have to dump your milk - you can freeze it if you dont want to waste it. its got so many antibodies in it i treat it like liquid gold. i get mad if i have to waste any. we need a new freezer for the stock this go around! im proud of ya fro keeping up the found respect for cows ;)
    from one mooooooooooo to another! congrats on good news - kaia belle, you tell mom whats whar, little girl...we all love you from the armpit of florida....

  3. finally a post that didn't make me wanna cry! So glad to hear all the good news and cute stories. Man I wish I could be there to see her and photograph her and the experience. Keep up the faith and we'll keep up the good vibes.

    - clang & gena

  4. You two are brave, loving, and wonderful parents. I am praying for Kaia and her parents.

  5. Wow, what a difference a day can make! So glad to hear things are looking up. The pictures are so sweet. Kaia is so lucky to have such devoted parents. You are so postive and so strong. We will continue to pray for all of you.
    Peace, Kate

  6. We did not have any power last night so we just read the blog this morning. It is so great to see the pictures and hear the progress that is being made. The strength the two of you have is amazing and I know that it helps Kaia keep on fighting. What a tough cookie. Please let us know if there is anything we can do you you.

    Love you guys,

    Grandma Carol & Grandpa Wayne

  7. Can I just say that the pic of you w/ your arms all crossed-like, feigning apprehension @ her for watching Madagascar, is prob one of my top 3 fave pictures of yous gals so far! Love it!

    I'm doing a lil dance now.... I like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it! ... Thanks, Kaia, now ppl are gonna think I'm weird.

    Still, so so happy about the breathing tube coming out. Happy that she's got some sleep. Sleep helps you heal. Happy that she's finding interests :) Not totally happy about her rebellion towards momma, but what are ya gonna do, right?

    Love & prayers, my lovelies, love & prayers!

  8. Hi Stephanie and Eric

    Our friend is a wonderful person with many years of nursing experience and she also practices Healing Touch. I have been treated by her in the past and as soon as I can lay down on my back comfortably I will see her again. I have been in contact with her about Kaia and she sent me this email that I wanted to pass along to you asap.

    If you Google Nancy Strick in Hudson you will find her website.

    From Nancy:

    What a relief to hear good news. She is such a beautiful baby! I did distance healing for her when I got your message the other day and did the same just now. In between she has been in my thoughts and prayers.

    Tell her Mommy to do slow, gentle sweeps with her hand over Kaia - from beyond her head to beyond her feet - while thinking or saying -"Kaia, I am sending you energy and light and unconditional love for your healing as I set my intent for your highest good".

    It's obvious from the photos how she is bonding with Kaia.

  9. So many of our "rules" go out the window, eh? God you guys are so beautiful, and it looks like Kaia is chubbing up a bit. So freaking cute to see her watching Madagasar! I can't wait until she is home and my little ones can come watch with her - it's one of our favs. :-)

    Love from the peeps and the dogs at the Lazy Husky Ranch!