Tuesday, June 30, 2009

family visit

Sunday was a special day for Kaia. Her Great Grandmother and Great Aunt Jodi came out to visit her, along with Pap and Gram. Kaia was still on the ventilator, which wasn't ideal for meeting a Great Grandma who's been wanting to get her hands on a great grand baby for a long long time, but at least they got to meet! Our little girl was a bit swollen still and didn't look herself, but everyone still said she was beautiful. We had a nice visit. Aunt Jodi and I finished off almost a whole big bag of popcorn (thanks for all the snacks Jackie!). Yum. Then we went to little italy (a hop away from the hospital) for a nice lunch. It was really nice having visitors! Next time, Kaia will be able to be held. Horray! Anyway, I had a couple of pictures from the day and wanted to post them. Here they are! Look at Kaia stare at her Great Aunt Jodi. So cute.

Kaia and Gram

Kaia with Great Gram

4 generations of Parker

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  1. Oh, I love it! I love that Kaia gets to see all the ppl that adore her so! Now she knows they're not just ppl mommy talks about; they're HER PPL!

    See, Kaia, there they are! They came all this way to see you, b/c they love you so much!!!