Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yay for tarot!

Here's my reading for the day:
"The Wheel of Fortune
The wheel of fortune is turning in your favor. Many projects can now enjoy great success. Soon be time to reap benefits of what you are sowing. A cycle is continuing. Success. Unexpected luck. Happiness. Something new is emerging and will bring new and exciting energy. Opportunity. Have faith in what is happening at the moment. Divine forces at work to bring good fortune into your life. Trust in the cycle of life. Possible new money on the way."

I love it! I do have lots of orders to fill right now (so I really shouldn't be on the internet, but I need my fix!).

Two days ago I made a huge change in my life. I had to let go (hopefully temporarily) of something that I allowed to consume every thought, which pulled all of my energy out of me. My fault for choosing those thoughts over healthier ones. But I couldn't stop, no matter what I tried...meditation, yoga, art, music, therapy. I struggled with having to let go for the sake of health and my own productivity. Negativity can be a straight jacket for my brain. Only being able to focus on that was a wedge in everything I've been trying to do in my life....heal, move on, grow a sustainable and productive business, have another baby, etc. Though it was hard, I believe that it will be better in the end for EVERYONE. Since then a weight has been lifted. I've been working on myself, and I'm already seeing positive results in my life. I feel better about myself which is giving me more confidence in what I'm doing. I'm now realizing my blessings and reveling in them. When I realize where my life has taken my career, I prance around, giddy with knowing that this new venture of mine, is the real deal. After not even two months of doing it, it's already a success! It is only now that I can focus on that and know that our baby girl has had the biggest hand in getting it to work, and for that I owe her all of the credit.

I see people who live a life where they are always seeing themselves as the victim of something. (insert me in my last career here). To that, I believe the only one doing the victimizing is yourself. You choose your thoughts. You choose your path. Last week someone told me "you can't change anyone else, you can only change yourself. Don't get caught up in other people's lessons. And remember, there are no friends or enemies, there are only teachers." Two huge lessons in one honest statement. It turned on a huge light in my life that I intend to follow and remember forever...which is why I decided to put that on here. Not everyone gets to talk with such great advisers, and maybe it will help someone else too.

This post is my big cheers to positivity! May it fill all the little crevices of you and overtake the negativity. Bottoms up!


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