Friday, December 4, 2009

exclamation point!

A friend of mine has a blog, which is in my blog list, and she's an amazing writer. I read her blogs and think "wow, this woman is in my head stealing my thoughts!". Anyway, she's brilliant at writing, and I completely missed this one blog she wrote mentioning Kaia. She just told me about it. I wasn't spending much time on the internet then, because the internet is not a place to be when you need to heal. I think I didn't touch it for weeks and had hundreds of emails stacking up. But I just now read it, which means I was meant to read it this morning. And I'm glad I did. the sun is shining just as it did on the day of her calling hours. And I'm reminded of her. It's not a sad remembrance. It's full of light and love and it has me smiling. You can read it here. Thank you Shan!


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