Wednesday, December 2, 2009

oh Christmas tree!

Saturday we are going with Eric's family to get our first real Christmas tree. I've always been against real trees, but I am now picturing all of the face plastic trees filling up landfills. I'd love to get a bulb tree and plant it, but we rent...
I'm contemplating going with LED lights but haven't seen any that I like so far. They all have a purplish tone and aren't warm and friendly like the regular white lights. Eric wants colored but the big bulbs. Those are fun, but I prefer the white. They are more serene.

Anyway, I was just thinking about Christmas and what it means. We are not doing many gifts this year. We want to focus on what it really means. Well, I do at least. ;)
I'd also like to take this time to say that we won't be sending out cards. Between the cost of cards and stamps and the environmental impact, I just don't think it's right for me this year. So, I apologize if it seems we are bah humbug about it. But we definitely still wish everyone a fabulous holiday with their families. Be safe, be merry and over all, be healthy.

Merry Christmas!


  1. We have done live bulb trees for 3 years now and have tried planting them every year with no luck. I feel like we are just slowly killing them every year, so we are getting our first fake tree this year. I figure we will have it for a long time, so hopefully by the time we need to get rid of it they will have figured out an environmentally friendly way to do so.

  2. you could always find a way to dispose of your real tree.. in my area the local lake (carlyle lake in illinois) takes them and sinks them for habitat for the fish.. so really it is good for the enviroment...(although i still havea fake one ;(

  3. Thanks for the tips! I was in LOVE with my last fake tree. I had it for 6 years and accidentally left it in a house in boston when I moved back to Ohio. if I still had it, I would use it forever. In that case, it probably was more enviro-friendly because it wouldn't take the resources to grow the tree every year. I do know there are good ways to dispose of your used tree. They can be used to help prevent erosion....that's all I know. I'm going to research though! We'll put it to good use. ;)