Thursday, August 27, 2009

kitty kitty needs a home

There used to be a girl that lived below us that had this sweet female indoor/outdoor cat. A few weeks after she moved, the cat came back here and lives outside our house, crying to get back in. She must have not liked her new home and traveled back to her old one here. We called the girl that owned her, but she never answered or got back to us. So, this cat is now homeless. I've been trying to feed her when she comes around, which is about once a day. But she really needs a home that she can come inside. We'd take her in if we didn't already have two male cats. She's gorgeous with long dark hair. She's very good with people and loves loves loves to be rubbed. If anyone knows anyone interested in her, please let me know. I really want her to find a home before winter comes. She's pretty skinny, even though I feed her. But I'm guessing she had no food the whole time we were on vacation. I'm trying to fatten her up to survive winter, but I would like to find a place for her before then. Please help. Thank you!

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  1. Hi there - I have been following your blog for some time. I too lost my baby girl about 2 months ago in June, her name is Madelyn Faith. She passed away in my arms when she was two days old due to complications from multiple birth defects, which included an underdeveloped heart and kidney problems. I know your pain all too well - no parent should ever have to endure such torture.

    I wanted to offer help you out with your cat situation. I know you said you would take her in if you didn't already have two male cats - is that because they are not fixed? If that is the only thing stopping you from taking her in I would like to offer to pay to get her fixed so that she wouldn't be a problem with the male cats. I am not sure what state/city you live in, but where I live (in Texas just outside of Dallas)there are several low cost spay and neuter clinics where the prices are totally reasonable - let me know what city you are in and I can look up clinics in your area. You could take her in and I could call in to pay with a credit card over the phone. Please let me know if you are interested in this - my email address is:
    Take care and know that you are in my thoughts.