Saturday, August 22, 2009


Trunk Bay lifeguard station and Eric:

I'm a wife now. yay! We had a beautiful trip the the USVI. I have to say that st. johns is one of the coolest and most amazing places in the world. As 75% national park, it is kept very pristine and clean. The beaches were amazing there, boasting fine white sand and pool-like turquoise waters. Our favorite was honeymoon beach.

After the wedding with the fabulous Anne Marie Porter, Eric surprised me with a private catamaran sail through the islands. The boat picked us up on Cinnamon Bay beach and we sailed through the BVI and several uninhabited islands of the USVI. Our captain brought us to Waterlemon Cay, where we hopped off the boat and snorkeled around the little island. We swam up onto the island and left Kaia a message in the sand.

When we swam back to the boat, he had munchies and wine and beer for us, and we watched the sunset as we sailed back to our wedding beach. Amazing. Thank you, Eric!

I got over 130 bug bites, which made me a horrid hideous pussy mess for the next several days. That's about the only negative of the trip. We visited 8 different beaches but saw dozens more from the boats or driving. Coki beach was our favorite on St Thomas. It had a real Jamaican vibe with little hut bars all along the beach and some seriously good reggae booming. We ordered buckets of red stripe, burned the hell out of our skin and snorkeled. A totally awesome experience.

Each beach was very different from the next. From Coki, where there were dozens of locals, to honeymoon, where we were about the only people there, there really was a beach for every mood. Our resort on St Thomas was really nice. We pricelined it and got it for $100 a night. The rooms start at $265/night. We were really patient when checking in and got a huge ground floor room overlooking the ocean and the pool. It was one of only 8 with a private entrance.

So, that is about it in a nutshell. We haven't posted all the pics, but I will do that soon. There is a lot of work we need to do and finish up before I can get to fun things. We spent the entire day yesterday sorting medical bills and paying some of them. It's all really confusing! Anyway, we are married, and you may now call me "urban-i-fied".


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