Sunday, August 2, 2009


So, we've pretty much kept it a secret so far, but Eric and I have decided to tie the knot! We are heading down to the US virgin islands at 4am Monday morning. We'll be staying on St Thomas most of the time, but have a nice beachside cottage on St John's for our wedding night and the following night.

Eric found our minister, who was featured on the travel channel and does these beach weddings for a living. Her name is Anne Marie Porter. We're getting married on Cinnamon Bay on St Johns.
the rest of the time we will be here on st thomas:

It's insane to think that our daughter gave this opportunity to us. Both Eric and I have been off of work since she was born and have not been able to heal enough yet to go back. So, we thought we should take a nice trip while we had the time off. My Dad and stepmom made sure that we went through with our plans and gave us the best gift of all and took care of the trip for us. We couldn't have done this without them and the additional help from Eric's Grandfather and Mother. Thank you all for helping us with our expenses so that we can call each other "husband and wife". And thank you to everyone who contributed to Kaia's medical expenses. Thank you's are still being written and will be out to all of you soon. :)

Anyway, this might not be the most conventional way to tell everyone of our union. BUT, we are not conventional people. We were a very close couple before Kaia was born. And she brought us even closer. I believe that being able to share the same last name as her and the man who gave her to me will help in our healing process. We love you and thank you, baby girl. Look at all you've done. I am so proud of you.

We will share pics and video (thanks to Dad n Jack again) with everyone when we return. In the meantime, we'll work on child #2. (tmi, i know...)

kisses and hugs to you all!
Steph & Eric


  1. How wonderful that Kaia has brought so much love into your lives and all of the lives of those who knew her. She will always be with us. So happy for both of you, can't wait to see you when you get home as husband & wife!!!!

    Love to you both,
    Aunt Tina

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