Thursday, July 29, 2010

Urban updates

Well, I'll be 38 weeks pregnant on Saturday. I cannot believe how fast time flies! There has been so much that's happened over the past 9 months, and there's so much more to come! Eric and I have been keeping cool by taking a lot of beach trips! Luckily, Huntington Beach is only a few minutes from our house. I think we've spent all of the 90+ degree days in the lake. Eric took pictures of me in my bathing suit (which is still my bikini paired with a pair of shorts), but I will not share those. It's bad enough those poor saps at the beach have to see my big white belly. I won't subject you to it. ;) Next pregnancy....maternity bathing suit is a must!!! But I do have the latest pictures taken a week ago. 35 lbs gained and growing! Same as I gained with Kaia. I hope I lose it like I lost it with her. ;)

This baby is getting big! And mama is wrapping up some last minute orders so she can take some time off with the little one. Some of my work will be up in the Root Cafe in Lakewood through the whole month of August (see previous post for details). So, hopefully I will still make a little money while not having to do too much. Things have been so hectic trying to keep my little business alive while juggling the massive belly. Woah! I'm looking forward to a small break. I'll be back in business September 12th at the Berea Arts Fest. This is a free festival. Come on down! Click here for details.

I didn't come here to talk about Little Lion. Although, it has been about 90% of my life. So, it's hard not to talk about it. I just wanted to give a short update on baby Urban's progress. We are not having any more ultrasounds. So, the next picture you will see is the little beaner in full form! Contractions are getting more frequent and stronger. So, it's any day now! The midwife is determined to have this baby out before 41 weeks to avoid induction. It's more dangerous to induce on a woman who's had a previous c-section. And we are trying to go all natural again with this one! Keep us in your prayers! Once baby is born, we will have a pulse ox screening on him/her to double triple check for heart issues. We are certain this one is totally healthy though. Been livin' and flowin' in hope, faith and trust.

Can't wait to share the little bean with you all! And if you all have any really unique boy name suggestions, please comment on this post with them! We are struggling hard with the boys names. We have a girl's name picked. So, no need to share those. Thanks!

Hope everyone is safe and well and livin' in love!
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