Saturday, July 3, 2010

The gift of blogs

Wow, yesterday was a tough day. Today has been rough too, as I sift through all the wonderful heartfelt messages we've received from those touched by Kaia's story. Thank you all for lighting candles and sharing the night with thoughts of her. It means so much to us!

I received a wonderful gift in my email yesterday. A good friend of mine has been behind the scenes, working on getting our story on a big-time mom blog site. I'm not sure if the person who posted this blog realized that she posted it right in time for Kaia's angelversary, but she did. And what a wonderful surprise that totally made my day! I can visualize CHD awareness as a light that is spreading and shining brighter and brighter and brighter! It's amazing! Also, YOU CAN WIN a totally free piece from LLD. To win LLD's signature "Little Lion" (CHD warrior!), just go to the blog and leave a comment. You could be chosen! The blog is located here, and is called "A Mother's Grief Transformed: The moving story of Stephanie Urban and Little Lion Designs.

That blog post sort of snowballed into another one by a fellow local crafter, who was touched by Kaia's story and reposted it here.

And to top it off, the blog is still up and you can still with a Little Lion by commenting on that one too. Two chances to win in only one week. I love it! Please click here to go to the monsterbites blog and enter to win.

I didn't choose for this week to be the week of give-a-ways or contests or anything. But I think it's a great way to honor our little warriors. And I am so proud and honored to have two of my pieces be gifted into your homes, as a reminder of how precious life is, how amazing children are, and how one person can change lives for the better.

Live in love,
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