Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finn is 11 months!

So, I totally skipped over the 10 month update. It went so fast, and we are so so so busy right now, that it went by the wayside. BUT, that just gives me more to report now. I can hardly believe this is the last monthly update before he turns one. Time flies! But he just keeps getting more fun with age.

The biggest news to report is that Finn walks now! He doesn't walk far, but he'll go from table to chair or cupboard to wall. He can probably take 10-15 steps or so and does it all on his own. So, I think that qualifies as walking. Here's a video!

Finn also has a girlfriend named Eliana. They met back in November when I did a craft show and met a woman who lost her son at birth one month before we lost Kaia. She started a company named after her son. Finn and her daughter, Eliana were born one month apart. I think that qualifies as soulmates. Finn just attended her first birthday party, and Ellie was walking. The next week, Finn was walking. I think he walked so he could impress her at his first birthday party. When Ellie saw Finn at her party, she was surrounded in adults, but she wouldn't take her eyes off Finn. And as soon as she saw her window, she beelined it to him. It was so adorable. Here's the two of them.

Finn is quite the character. He knows a lot more than I realize sometimes. This morning he pointed to a bird on a blanket and said "Bir". He'll also point at dogs and say "Da". He points at the hanging chinese lanterns in his room and says "Ba" (ball). He likes anything that's above his head. He's always pointing up and looking up for new things. Often, he'll look up and find something to hang from and then says "ooh ooh, ahh ahh" like a monkey. And if you say "what's a monkey say, Finn?", he'll say "ooh ooh, ahh ahh". Smart cookie we got here.

He celebrated his first 4th of July in style. His aunt Kim and Uncle Kenny found this amazing radio flyer wagon on a tree lawn (best freebie ever!), and we took him to Lakewood's parade in it. He loved the parade, but fell asleep on the way home because the parade was during his usual naptime.

He's a pretty big fan of the wagon and likes to help daddy push it.

In addition to being a walker and a talker, he's a super duper climber. I have to be careful because he climbs on EVERYTHING. He's as strong as a horse and never stops going. He thinks standing on everything makes him important. And it does. It really does!
We go swimming at least 3 times a week. He's a huge fan of the beach and will play in the sand for hours! He also loves the waves. He totally knows how to swim too. He likes to dunk and knows that if he doggie paddles his arms and frog kicks his legs, he'll propel forward. He does it with such joy and pride. Here's a pic of him and dada after a swimming session at Lakewood pool.

Typical boy, Finn is in love with playing in dirt and rocks. I took him to Rocky River yesterday. We took a jog in the jogging stroller and found this awesome spread of rocks along the river to have a snack at. Of course, Finn was more interested in playing in dirt than he was in snacking. Super duper cute moments (and one ruined outfit)....

I almost forgot to report that Finn has teeth now! It took him 10.5 months, but he got 4 all in two days. He got the bottom two middle teeth and his top two fangs. Can you say "Vampire Finn"? He won't let me take a pic of that, which is completely unfortunate.

Finn also loves music. He loves his drum, and I think we're going to get him a baby guitar for his birthday. He's obsessed with my guitar. So, it makes sense. Here he is in awe of Curtis, who knows how to play a mean bongo!

Lastly, daddy taught Finn (months ago) to shake his head back and forth when you say "crazy" or "where's crazy Finn?". It's kinda funny. I caught it on video not too long ago when we were having a cantaloupe snack.

That's all for now. We're off to enjoy our last few weeks of being 0 years old. The big 1 is coming in a minute!

Peace, Light and Love to you,
The Urban Clan
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