Thursday, August 4, 2011

Operation Healing Hearts!

Need a gift? Want something for yourself? There are tons of goodies at the Have a Heart: Auction for Operation Healing Hearts!

Little Lion Designs (my company) has donated my signature lion collage, which will be one of the many items available to bid on.
Bid on me and save a life!

In Iraq, 30,000 kids are waiting on life-saving surgery. Only a tiny fraction will get those surgeries.

Operation Healing Hearts is funding a "Remedy Mission" by the Preemptive Love Coalition. We will document the mission by going to Iraq next winter.

****Please read this before bidding****
The auction will run open at 5 p.m. August 5 and run until 10 p.m. August 8. To bid, simply comment by naming a price. Each item will include a starting bid amount. The person that bids the highest wins the item.

Payment will be via Paypal. You will be invoiced in the days after the auction. 

Please spread the word. Raise awareness. Help save a life. 

Thank you!
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