Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's so easy to help the children

As all of you know, we lost our daughter to a congenital heart defect in July of 2009. Since then, I've made it my priority to focus on my family. This required a career shift so that my creative efforts could benefit children affected by congenital heart defects. Since starting Little Lion Designs, I've been blessed to be able to raise hundreds of dollars for chd research. Very little dollars are spent each year on chd research. And I want to help make sure these defects cease to exist. By spreading awareness of my daughter's condition (brought on by an antibiotic prescribed to me at 7 weeks pregnant), I hope to have a little flame pass from person to person and create a fire.

The Children's Heart Foundation has formed a chd walk that we, as a family, are taking part in. Other family and friends will be walking with us to show their support for us, for Kaia, and for all the children and families affected by these defects. Our team, Kaia's Krew, has a goal of $2,000 to raise. Every penny raised will go to the Children's Heart of the few foundations out there that give their money to research.

We are not even close to our $2,000 mark. We are just shy of $1,000. I'm asking for anyone out there touched by these children's stories, to donate anything they can....whether it's $1 or $100. Every little bit helps. And remember, 1 in 100 kids are born with one of these defects, and the number just keeps on growing. Chances are, you will know, already know, or (hopefully not) will be a statistic in these numbers. The most simple thing we can do to help is to raise awareness and raise money for research. If you feel so moved, please donate (or join us in our walk) to Kaia's Krew by clicking this link. Kaia's crew general team donation page.

We thank you for any support you can give to help these little lives to have a fighting chance of survival. 

As always, I'm plugging along with order after order for Little Lion. Word of mouth has spread and continues to spread, which means CHD awareness, Kaia's story and research funding is spreading, as well. Please join me on Facebook or Etsy, and don't forget I'm here for all baby showers, weddings, birthdays, anniversarys, pet portraits, etc! Here's a fact sheet that I send out with each piece of artwork I sell. (Please click image to view full size)
May your lives be filled with light and love, peace and prosperity, health and wellness. 
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