Monday, December 20, 2010

VA Beach

Finn had his first real road trip. We trekked it to VA Beach for my cousin's wedding. Finn did amazing in the car and LOVED socializing with everyone. We've come to learn that Finn has a rough time sleeping (meaning he just won't do it) if there is ANYTHING at all going on around him. He's got to be in the action at all times.

My cousin was in the Navy. So we found it appropriate to put the little sailor outfit (that the Troubadours bought) on Finn. Here's a pic.

how cute am i?
With my pops!

Finn got his first picture at the ocean with his Grandpa Randy.

Then we walked down to the beach where daddy held him tight.
How sexy is he?!

He also took his first swim! Here's a pic and youtube video. He loved it and even kicked and did frog legs. :) His little arms were doggie paddling. I was so proud.
I even have a cloth swim diaper!

Here's the video:

It was so great having the family together. It's not often that I get to see all my aunts and cousins and grandma too! It wouldn't have been possible without my Aunt Jodi getting the amazing beach house...well....any Michael and Nicki getting married. ;) I love you all! Hugs to my amazing family!

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