Monday, December 20, 2010

tiny footprints

Look at these. I finally did it. Finnegan's hand and footprints....

I meant to do this when he was first born, but, let's face it, NOTHING gets done when  you have a newborn. A good friend of mine, Galen, sent a wonderful little gift package for Finn. She makes some really amazing things for kids and some pretty nifty adult invitations and such too. Check out her etsy shop. One of the things she sent in her package were these adorable little note cards. There are 4 different designs, but these two worked best for hand and footprint cards. I'm going to mount one on a fabric covered canvas and hang one by ribbon in Finn's nursery. :) The other three go to Finn's grandparents. I'll post a pic of the nursery art when it's done. For now, here's the cutie hand/footprints.

tiny footprints can make some big steps
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