Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy 4 month birthday!

Wowie Zowie! Finn is 4 months old today. And just like the little bugger he is, he waiting until today to grab his feet for the first time. Heck yeah! I've been trying to get him to do this for a long time now. I talk into his feet, and he loves it. Giggles and giggles.
Tried to get a photo of him grabbing them, but he never cooperates with that. So, here's in between grabs!

Little dude is now, hmmm, I really don't know for sure, but if I had to guess, I'd say 14 lbs. He's not super chubby, but has some chubb. He's not a huge eater. He's more of a grazer, which is a little tough through the night, but at least he's still good at nursing. I know he'll only be little for so long, so I try not to complain about waking up too much.

We've definitely noticed that he's very opinionated. He's his mother's son. lol. His favorite toy is his sunshine that Auntie Jen (not my blood "relative" Jen, my earth relative Jen) got him. He loves to suck on the rays.
Finn and Mr. Sunshine

Finn's got the funniest hair. It's short in the back but long right behind his ears. And I mean, super long! Like 3 inches long. We call him our little Hasidic Jew. You can't see it really good here (and this was over a month ago when he had more back hair and shorter side hairs), but I love the back of his head.
Finn loves to type on the keyboard. 

Today we got a new washing machine. I know this isn't the most exciting new to everyone out there, but, trust me, if you lived with the washer we're using now (you can hear it a block away. I'm not kidding) then you would be stoked. We got a LG front loader steam washer, which is going to clean our diapers so so much better than the old washer. There's a load in now, in fact. :) Not to mention the energy efficiency of it. It's eco-friendly! Hooray!

We have a big Christmas planned with Christmas Eve at the Urban's, Christmas morning at our house, afternoon at Eric's sister's house, and Christmas night we'll drive to PA to spend time with my brother (can't wait to see him!) and my dad, stepmom, stepsis & her man, and my nephew. We have definitely seen our fair share of blessings and miracles this year. There is definitely peace in our household, and I hope it's in yours, as well.

Love & light!
The Urbans

We are a family of four.

Peace on earth.

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