Sunday, November 7, 2010

4 generations

I'm so behind on my updates. About a month ago we headed to PA to see my Grandparents before they headed to Florida for the winter. It was so great to have four generations of us together. Having kids has shown me the importance of family, and I cherish these moments. What an amazing thing to ssee my grandparents hold my son. Pictures! Pictures!

Finnegan and his Great Grandma

Finnegan and his Great Grandpa

Great Grandparents have lots of love to give!

Naptime with mommy.

Finn and his great Aunt Jodi

Finally we got a complete 4 generation picture.

Just the dudes!

Gram, me & Finners

Hey ladies! My cuz Beth, mamma Jackie, Auntie Jodie & Grams!
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