Monday, March 22, 2010

never talk about politics during blogging

I know I know. I'm not here to make enemies, but just to make you think.
I never thought I would be one of the people struggling to find health care to cover me and my growing child. I don't think this new bill is the answer. But something has to be done. What happens when private insurance won't cover maternity or your baby? What happens when private insurance disqualifies you for any financial assistance? What happens when you make just enough to not qualify for medicaid and your COBRA rights are $800/month and running out? What happens if you have a heart baby or a child with cancer and don't have any insurance at all? Kaia's bills were almost $2,000,000....enough to bury a family for generations.

The last minute or so of this video (click to watch)shows another family's struggles with this as well. The first 9 minutes show the family and their son, Jack. Jack has had heart and lung issues his whole life and has needed multiple surgeries and procedures. They are struggling with their lack of health care and financial support.

I'm sorry my company decided they didn't need designers anymore. I'm sorry Cleveland has no jobs. None of this was in my control, but we are paying for it. Why are middle class and lower class left with no help when we're the ones that need financial help the most? Where are we supposed to go from here? Will my baby have health coverage? Will I? Will my husband? I've paid thousands into my healthcare coverage over the years. And now what? Why are the people who can't afford rent and food the ones who aren't allowed to have health care? Is this some sick survival of the fittest? Something needs to be done. I hope this country can figure it out for ALL of us.


  1. I was thinking about a lot of the same things myself this weekend. Having lived in Europe for over a year..I learned about national health care and took advantage of it. I don't know if we will ever get there, but I know that the Bill that passed will help...a little. We have great coverage, but a lifetime max of $1,000,000 is really scary. With the passage of this Bill, at least we don't have that to worry about anymore. It also gives me a little sense of peace as Hope gets older and needs to find health care of her own...a sheer impossibility with a CHD as a pre-existing condition.

  2. it is troublesome for sure, there is lots of fear about social healthcare, we are in Canada, so we have coverage, but it's not perfect either, and lots of taxes, but i would not want to go thru a US style healtcare with our HLHS boy, hoepfully this will change things over time

  3. I am hoping our healthcare will evolve now that we have some sort of progress. This country's been trying to get some health care reform passed since JFK, a half-a-century ago!

    I'm hoping in the next 10-15 yrs, we can get healthcare like they have in Sweden. Yes, it means more taxes, but ppl don't have to worry about something as trivial as "coverage" when trying to deal w/ something more important. You're already stressed enough, hoping & caring for yourself or someone else. You don't need to shift that focus to paperwork.

    Hopefully, public option & universal are next.