Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Florida pics are on facebook

If you're not friends with me, you can add me. I'd upload them to picasa or something, but I just don't have time right now. :( I wish I did! Here's a few. We love the keys and want to move to Bahia Honda State Park and live in a tent!!!! These are two of our campsites that were on the beach. There was a beautiful white pristine beach right in front of/next to our campsite. There were fossils in the rocks in the rocky part of our beach. We saw lots of sea life and enjoyed many sunsets. We got to see lots of Osprey and even a bald eagle in its nest! We went down to key west on our last day. We liked the town there, but the beaches were not nearly what we were looking for. There was NO color correcting of these photos. The colors are real and wonderful!

Gram and I in her golf cart! I love driving it. We spent the first 3 or so days with Gram and Pap and got to spend some quality time with them, which we rarely get to do. Thank you Gram & Pap!


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