Friday, April 2, 2010

Agave is the new HFCS? Oh no....

So, there's some new studies out now about the dangers of Agavé nectar. Agavé has been very popular over the last several years because of its low glycemic index. It was believed to be a slowly metabolized "sugar" that didn't spike your blood sugar levels and was thought to be the best and safest sweetener around for our bodies. It was even considered safe for diabetics. This all-natural sweetener has been a sugar substitute in countless all-natural snacks and has been sold on shelves as a fad-liciously delicious sugar substitute. It is very popular in vegan bars and snacks (because they can't use honey for vegan food), and has extended into almost all raw food bars and snacks, as well.

So, what's the problem? Well, new studies have shown that, while it may have a low glycemic index, it has the highest fructose levels of any type of sweetener on the market. In fact, we all know the dangers of high fructose corn syrup, right? Well this sweetener has a fructose level that is 15-45% higher than HFCS. If these studies are correct, this means that Agavé is by far the worst kind of sweetener you could put in your body (although, I still think artificial sweeteners are way worse for reasons medical science hasn't even begun to study yet.)

You can read one of the articles about these latest findings here. (click)

It's back to 100% pure grade A maple syrup as my sweetener of choice for now...until the baby comes and I can have my raw honey again. Yummy!


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