Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So, it seems that nobody can find me on etsy. Etsy doesn't allow spaces in their names. So, if you search, you have to search "littleliondesigns" (no quotations and no spaces). But here is the link, just in case you would like it. :)

All of my new work appears weekly on facebook as well. Please feel free to take a look! While you're there, please become a fan and spread the word!

Unemployment is nearing its end. I was hoping to have this business rockin' and rollin' enough to survive off of. BUT...not there yet. Heads up though, available work is now being sold at Local Girl Gallery in Lakewood. ALSO, Bela Dubby Coffee Shop & Bar has me scheduled for June. So, all of June, my work will be up and for sale there! I will have a gallery opening in early June for this. So, stay tuned!

Here's some sneak peaks into the latest stuff:


  1. My hubby and I are about a month a way from delivering our little girl with HLHS and we were wondering if you could make one of your designs for us to hang in the nursery. Would you be interested?

  2. Hi there. First of all, congrats on your baby to come! I'm not sure how much of this blog you've read, but if you don't know, we had our little HLHS fighter in may of 09. What a special special life. I would first like to offer you any support you might need. It's a rough road at times and can be very daunting. I ended up finding a high school friend who had 2 with HLHS and I sent all my questions to her. If you need anyone, please don't hesitate to ask! Email me at littleliondesigns (at) yahoo (dot) com.

    Secondly, I would be honored!!! Have you taken a look at my stuff? Are you interested in any of those or do you have your own nursery theme you'd like me to work off of? My business card is on my facebook page. I can't give my number on this blog because of spammers. But if you go to www.facebook.com/littleliondesigns it's in the photo album. Just look for the business card. Or you can always email me at the little lion email addy above.

    Again, congratulations on your little warrior. I hope your delivery goes smoothly. I'll be praying for you!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the cat but don't see it on your Etsy page. Can you make another one (same colors and fabric) and how much would it cost?

  4. Jeanne, that piece was commissioned and sold. I can make it again, but I cannot guarantee the same fabrics. Because I work with scraps and repurposed fabric, once I run out, I can't get it again. I think I have all the fabrics, except for the sky. But I do have the same gold threaded kind of fabric, it's just mostly pink and orange with no green in the background. If you are interested, let me know! The piece sold for $130 (+shipping) and is a 16 x 20 (pretty large). I'd be more than happy to make you one if you would like. Please email me at littleliondesigns (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Or you can call me on my phone number which is located on my business card, available at my facebook page. (Not comfortable posting it on here) ;)

    Thank you for looking!

  5. Hi again!
    Yes, I did read all about Kaia here on your blog and saw pics that you put up on Babycenter. What a tremendous story for you to share with us...regardless of the outcome, you still give me hope on a daily basis.
    I checked out your designs on etsy and really love them, but was hoping you could do something within our nursery theme of butterflies and flowers. Her bedding is going to be pink and brown. We would be honored to have a piece of your work in her nursery, so just let me know if you need any other info.
    I also became a fan of your facebook page, just look for me under Lisa Pantera-Donnelly.