Friday, February 26, 2010

Dress for a Dream

This is a repost from Robert Stockham. This woman is amazing, and she's such a supporter of charity and basically bends backwards to help people out. Here's the repost. Please donate if you can!

"My friend Rebecca is an avid believer in charity works. This dress sale is the same as what she and her friends and family worked so hard to put on last year. It’s in Youngstown and will benefit a local non-profit called the Silver Lining Cancer Fund. They provide financial assistance to Youngstown area cancer patients. Typically it’s $150/month, and you can use it toward fuel for your car or transport service for your appointment (especially if your insurance doesn’t cover transportation), meds that your insurance doesn’t cover, supplies, groceries, etc. They’re incredible!

My dad lost his 6 year battle with cancer in April of 2008. Chemotherapy, radiation and two heart attacks took their toll. In 2006, my aunt found out about the Silver Lining Cancer Fund. They’re a non-profit designed to provide financial assistance to Youngstown/Warren/Western PA cancer patients. They were a huge source of support to our parents. We asked that instead of flowers for his funeral, people make donations to Silver Lining in our dad’s memory.

To honor him, we decided to host a recycled formal wear sale and donate 100% of our proceeds to the Silver Lining Cancer Fund. We called it “Dress for a Dream”, and we made $1500 in donations. Due to the success of last year, we decided to do it again this year.

On Saturday, March 27th we’ll be hosting our 2nd annual formal wear sale to benefit the Silver Lining Cancer Fund from 10am-2pm at St. Dominic’s Parish Center on Southern Blvd. We’re currently accepting donations of prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses and cocktail/party/formal dresses (shoes, jewelry, and purses too!). The dresses are being sold for $10 per dress ($20 for a wedding dress) with 100% of the proceeds going to the Silver Lining Cancer Fund. With the economic climate as scary as it is, we understand that some families may not be able to afford a luxury item such as a prom dress.

People can feel free to check us out on Facebook at:
2nd Annual Dress For a Dream Sale

Or follow us on Twitter:

Or call/email us:
Rebecca Murray-Strong (for Cleveland/Akron donations)

Rachel Murray (for Youngstown/Warren/Western PA donations)

Cathy Murray (for Youngstown/Warren/Western PA donations)

Do your friends a favor and share this with them!


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