Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kaia made it into another video

Our dear daughter made it into another CHD awareness video. I strongly urge everyone to watch this video. It not only has a bunch of people with CHDs and angels who passed from a CHD, but it also has their feelings and the parents of these kids feelings. One woman said exactly how I felt with Kaia. It's 4:37 minutes/seconds in. I too remember holding Kaia's warm dead body until it got colder and colder. Only, instead of lowering the casket (which she talks about), for me it was going to the funeral home and picking up her ashes. To be eerily aware that what once was a soft and very much alive being inside my belly, was now a bag of crunching pieces of bone and much tinier than I'd expected. This woman's words brought me right back. I fight daily to break through the pain. It's a never-ending battle that I will live with until I die. A battle that I lost part of my family over. A battle that I got closer to the rest of my family over. A battle that I never wanted to fight.
Kaia is 7:15 minutes/seconds in. The video was created by a wonderful woman named Jessica who lives with her CHD. She is also featured in the video, which is alphabetical order. Please watch and donate to one of the mentioned organizations at the end, if you find it in your full hearts.
Please click here to see video.


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