Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby Urban part deux!

As most of you know (and some of you might not) Eric and I are expecting our second child, due August 14th. We found out in early December but decided to wait to dish the scoop until we had our first appointment with our midwife. During this appt, she couldn't find the heartbeat on doppler so we had an emergency ultrasound to make sure he/she was alive and okay. Of course we knew it was/is but we got to see the little guy in there wiggling around with his/her heart a flutter! I am a little over 10 weeks pregnant right now, which has been going well. I'm having the same exact pregnancy I had with Kaia...fairly easy but a little nausea...aversion to all things vegetable (daddy's fault I'm sure).

WE know our darling daughter is guiding us through all of this and making sure she has a healthy brother or sister. The baby will be a Leo. For those of you unfamiliar with the astrological signs, Leo is Lion. I think it's a sign directly from Kaia, our first "little lion". She's a tricky little girl and always love to find creative ways to make mommy know she's up there helping put the pieces of our lives together. I always knew she'd be an artist.

Another sign that this is meant to be a healthy Uncle Rick's birthday is August 14th. Rick was taken way too early from a heart issue. When Kaia passed, you might remember me writing "Rick, please take her fishing." I think they're in cahoots with this!

We are meeting with a genetic specialist, as appointed by our midwife (the great Colleen Brezine! who we love and adore and trust with now our second child). That visit will be in a little over a week from now and will include a very detailed ultrasound of baby. We will also be receiving a level 2 ultrasound by a specialist for the 20 week anatomy and probably several (at least one) fetal echocardiogram in utero and one right after he/she's born. I could have an amniocentisis, but I am refusing it because all of our bases will be covered by the non/minimally invasive tests we will be having. I don't feel we need to put the baby at risk by getting the amnio.

With all of our faith, hope, support and love, we know this baby is going to be healthy and very much loved! We will always keep working with the CHD communities we have found and spread awareness and support to other parents who have or will go through what Eric and I went through. It's in our lives now and always will be.

here's a pic of the little guy/girl. Head is to the left, body to the right.
click to make it bigger!
Keep the positivity flowing!


  1. Awesome, Awesome! We are sooo happy for you! Annamarie, Paul, Jack, Elle and Eve

  2. So very happy for you! He/She is beautiful. I am praying for a heart healthy baby.