Friday, May 4, 2012

Coming into himself

Finn at my Grandparent's farmhouse. Finn named these "bubble flowers".
Watching your child grow into himself is one of the most amazing things a human can witness. I'm aware that my son chose me, and that he is not mine. He is his own. I'm just lucky enough to have been chosen as his guardian. Our little love nugget is really blossoming this spring. The flowers, the trees and Finn ... flowering to perfection.

He's now 20 months, and he's just a tiny little peanut still. At 19 months, he learned all of his letters. He knows upper and lowercase and can even count to 13. He knows his colors too. I caught him on camera after I put groceries away. He saw "wetters" on the bag and I grabbed the camera. Check him out.

His favorite thing right now is drawing. It's all he wants to do ... draw and spell. Here's my little Gustav Klimt in action.

Apart from being smart, he's darn tootin' cute. His eyes are outerworldly ... for good reason.
Sleepy blue eyed crystal ...
Peace and happiness,
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