Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fun with letters

My husband always has the cutest learning games for Finn. Last night, while I was peacefully showering, he decided to take Finn's wooden refrigerator letter magnets and teach Finn what kinds of metal they stick to. Around the house they went with over 40 letters, and many bits of metal objects here and there and everywhere, saying "stick. stick. stick". I think it's an awesome idea for a fun lesson on how magnets work. But now, every where I turn, there's a letter stuck to something. I've been finding letters all day today.
At first I thought it was going to be kind of annoying to be picking up letters all day, but in the scheme of things....it's actually not annoying at all. Every time I find one, I smile and think of my husband and what a great father he is.
Not only that, but I also realized how amazing it is that he shows his love to me in such simple and clever ways each day. This was my favorite find today. That's a picture we took almost ten years ago when we first met. Apparently the frame is real metal ... to my benefit today. How romantic. :)
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